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July 12, 2014
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July 22, 2014
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101 Things to Do in Japan

So it’s your first time going to Japan, but you don’t really know what you can do in Japan. Or it’s your 5th trip to Japan, but after visiting Kiyomizu-dera and Tokyo Tower you just don’t have any inspiration anymore. Then this is 101 things to do in Japan list is for you! It is inspired by my first trip to Japan, my exchange year in Fukuoka and my never ending bucket list.

General places
  1. (Après) ski (Party) in Hokkaido
  2. Exotic getaway in Okinawa
  3. Exploring temples in Kyoto
  4. And especially make sure to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha in Fushimi
  5. Get your Chinese fix in China Town of Yokohama
  6. Crawl through the huge Buddha of Kamakura
  7. Shopping in Tokyo
  8. Eating lots in Osaka
  9. Go to historic Nara
  10. Enjoy the multicultural Nagasaki
  11. Visit Japan’s most beautiful castle in Himeji
  12. Enter the Buddhist world of Koyasan
  13. Be amazed by the black castles of Matsumoto or Kumamoto
  14. Relive days gone by in traditional Takayama
  15. Learn about the unique architecture of Shirakawa houses
Traditional entertainment

16. Attend a tea ceremony
17. See a maiko or geisha dance
18. Attend a Hanami party (cherry blossimg viewing party)
19. Try Ikebana
20. Relax in an Onsen (hot spring bath)
21. Transform into a geisha
22. Go on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage
23. Indulgence for a Kabuki performance
24. … and Sumo of course

Modern entertainment


Enjoy nature 

38. Photograph the gorgeous colors of koyo, autumn foliage
39. Catch some glowing fireflies or screeching cicadas
40. Light up by watching the Firefly Squid
41. Smell the lovely lavender of Furano in summer
42. Explore the Gyokusendo Caves in Okinawa
43. Gaze up at the Wisterias of Kawachi Fuji Garden
44. Bathe with monkeys in the hot springs of Yamanouchi
45. Climb to the top of Mount Fuji
46. Search for princess Mononoke in Yakushima
47. Dive the wonderful underwater world of Okinawa
48. Enjoy the view of terraced paddy fields

Special places to eat

49. Pet cute animals at a cat- dog- or owl cafe
50. Feel like a true geek at a a geek cafe
51. Nomming at a yatai, food stall
52. Live a Japanese fairy tale in the theme cafe of the Bamboo Cutter
53. Become a true Princess at the Princess theme cafe
54. Catch your own fish at Zauo cafe
55. Mysterious ninja restaurant, Ninja Akasaka
56. Find your dream robot girl at Kabukicho Robot Restaurant



57. Watch stars on Tanabata Star Festival
58. Play at a matsuri (Summer Festival)
59. Enjoy students’ creativity at a bunkasai, a cutural festival
60. Be amazed by the snow statues of Sapporo Snow Festival
61. See the many dance performances at Fukuoka Dontaku Festival
62. Stroll through fields of Sunflowers at Akeno Sunflower Festival
63. See the historical parade of Jidai Matsuri
64. Dance with the Awa Odori Dancers during Obon Matsuri

Famous sites

65. Appreciate Japanese gardens, like Ritsurin Garden
66. Pose in front of the Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji
67. And visit the Silver Pavilion As Well
68. Drink your portion of wisdom, health or longevity at Kiyomizudera
69. Buy souvenirs at touristy Asakusa
70. Calm down at the zen garden of Ryoanji
71. Admire Osaka Castle
72. Tokyo Imperial Palace
73. Remember how lucky we are at Hiroshima Peace Memorial
74. The largest wooden building in the world, Todaiji
75. Oase of peace in Tokyo, Meiji Shrine
76. Eiffel Tower’s red sister, Tokyo Tower.

Amusement parks

77. Visit Disney Sea Land, the only one worldwide
78. Feel like a ninja or geisha in Edo Wonderland
79. Get sick in one of the crazy rollercoasters of Fuji-Q Land
80. Watch fishies at Kaiyukan Aquarium
81. Become dizzy by the height of Tokyo Sky Tree
82. Act like a kid at Sanrio Puroland
83. Play in the first Universal Studios of Asia
84. Step into the Netherlands at Huis Ten Bosch
85. Water fun at Spa Resorts Hawaiian

Unusual places

86. Paradise for cat lovers, Tashinojima
87. Naoshima, island of art
88. Eerie times at the deserted island of Hashima
89. Site of Reversible Destiny, Yoro Park
90. Yunessun Spa, refresh yourself in a hot bath of wine, tea or Ramen soup.
91. Yum,  Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum!
92. Farming at Pasona02, an underground farm
93. Creepie doll city Nagoro
94. Meguro Parasitological Museum, for people with strong stomachs


95. Release your inner monk during a temple stay
96. Get cosy and cramped in a capsule hotel
97. Feel the allure of traditional Japan while staying in a machiya
98. Treat yourself and stay at a ryokan. With private Onsen, just because you can.
99. You don’t need to be in love to enjoy the quirky love hotels
100. Go on the Cheap and spend a night in a Manga/Internet Cafe
101. Chilly stay at the Alpha Resort-Tomamu ice village


Sacha BTH
Sacha BTH
I am a girl raised in the Netherlands and I moved to Belgium and later Japan for studies. I am passionate about exploring the whole world one country at a time. I am currently living in Japan and write about my adventures here and what life is like as a foreign exchange student living in Japan. I also like to write about the travels I take on when I have free time.


  1. Like in China, Japanese people seem to be obsessed with drinking tea ceremonies. I would like to attend one and try some local tea when visiting Japan next year. Great list!

  2. Sacha O. says:

    Yes, you're totally right. They really put a lot of thought even in simple things like drinking tea, it's amazing and interesting as well. I haven't attended a tea ceremony myself either, but I will take a course on the (history of) Japanese tea ceremony so I hope to attend one soon. I hope you can try one as well during you visit to Japan. I am sure I will read about it on your blog one day! And thanks!

  3. Catherine says:

    So many things to do! Would love to try all of them 🙂

  4. Me too! I already did some things on this list, but I will definitely try to do as much as I can of the rest of this list during my year in Japan 🙂

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