Beautiful Travel Hangover Author; Sacha

Who is Sacha?

I am Sacha, born in the Netherlands, former student in Belgium and current exchange student in Japan. I am a soon-to-be-graduated student of Japanology.

My biggest passion is traveling and I want to share my stories with the world. That’s why I started this travel blog. Other things I like are calligraphy, photography and the sea. I have travelled here and there during weekends and vacations but I hope to do my first extended backpack trip soon.

What is Beautiful Travel Hangover?

This blog is a mainly about my life as a foreigner in Fukuoka and my adventures here, and the rest is about my various travels around this wonderful world. Some posts on my daily life and travel tips can also be expected. So basically it is a blog with a passion for travel and travel stories.

Regarding the name ‘Beautiful Travel Hangover’ (or BTH as I like to abbreviate) is inspired by the talented Korean band Big Bang with their song Beautiful Hangover. I really like this expression. Too much of something good might sometimes be bad for you. Even though I don’t think too much travel can be bad for someone I do think that everyone has those moments during traveling that something bad happens or you get homesick or you lose the feeling of having a home at all. These are effects of the Beautiful Travel Hangover. But the reason we keep going despite this is the fact that travel is more than worth it.

TLDR; This is a blog about living in Japan as an exchange student and insights about travel in Japan as well as the rest of the world!