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Japan Trip – Asakusa

My favorite moments in Japan

So there it is, the last post about Asakusa in my 2011 Japan Trip series. we are now in the second week of 2016, so it took me almost 5 years! Anyway, I had some nice stories to share that’s why I started this series even though it was overdue. Looking back I think dressing up as a geisha (or rather a Maiko honestly) was the most special thing I did during the whole trip! In Osaka I really like the Kaiyukan aquarium, but seeing the Osaka Castle was one checkmark on my bucket list so I’m also glad to have seen that. In Takarazuka city me and my friend go to see the Takarazuka All-female Theater, which is something not many people can see I think. The glitz and glamour, but also the traditional Japanese play they did leave a big impression on us. After that we moved to Kyoto to see the amazing temples there, like the famous Golden Pavilion, Silver Pavilion and Kiyomizu-dera. All of them were amazing, but my favorite place was Fushimi Inari Taisha, with the many red gates. We made a nice hike there and it was magical. Leaving Kyoto was a little bit sad because I loved it so much. And then arriving in the grey concrete jungle of Tokyo doesn’t help much. We didn’t love it, but we enjoyed ourselves and had some good days shopping, especially at Korea Town. Our day at Tokyo Disneyland was also very enjoyable because it wasn’t too crowded. Anyway, we did many many more things during that trip in Japan and you can read all about it in my previous posts! (Just go to the archive or click one of the links above). And now we have arrived at this final post…


Asakusa crowds


Asakusa gate


Shopping souvenirs at Asakusa

So on our last day we went to Asakusa, the place to be to see some traditional stuff in Tokyo. We tried going the day before in the early evening, but the shops and temple were already closed 🙁 So if you go there make sure to go in the morning or afternoon! So we had to go back the next day. There is a big gate with a huge red lantern as an entrance to the shopping street in front of the Asakusa temple, so it’s hard to miss! The shopping street there sells all kinds of souvenirs, so before we headed to the temple we decided to do some last minute souvenir shopping. My mom collects snow globes, and I didn’t find them anywhere until we came to Asakusa. There were only two choices, but I was happy to finally have found my mom’s souvenir. Also, one of the first shops on the right side is a confectionary shop that sells the most beautiful little candies. Some of them were tiny bento boxes with sushi shaped candies, some were cute geisha slippers filled with colorful sweets. I don’t necessarily like the taste of the sweets nor would I know what to do with the cute packaging when it’s empty, but it was just too beautiful not to buy, so I bought some candies for my sister and my father. Anyway, the street with the shops looks quite cute too in a kind of traditional style with red paint and lanterns everywhere.


Asakusa shops


Asakusa shopping


Asakusa temple


Asakusa traditional building


Traditional and modern architecture

Asakusa was very crowded (even more so when I went there last year just after New Years, bad idea!), but not more so than some of the temples in Kyoto. Anyway, the temple itself is very beautiful with a lot of red paint and gold details. After seeing so many gorgeous temples in Kyoto it didn’t really ‘wow’ us, but it was still nice to see. And it’s always a good thing to escape from the grey skyscrapers to an an oasis of traditional red buildings in relative peace and quiet in my opinion. It feels good! Anyway, If you don’t spend much time shopping and trying the street foods you won’t be spending much time here I think. We did spent a good amount of time browsing through the shops and I even sampled a small rice dumpling. That was almost five years ago though and since the time we went there an ‘Asakusa Tourist Center’ has been built across the street. I saw it last year and the architecture of it is quite interesting and has become a point of interest on its own. Inside you can get information and there was a small exhibition when we went there. On the top floor there is an observation deck with a great view of Asakusa and the Skytree (which has also been built after we went there in 2011). So I recommend you to check that out!


Asakusa pagoda




Asakusa lantern


Asakusa gojo


The future of BTH

Excuse the horrible photos. These were made five years ago when I was still a beginner at taking photos (and I still am now, but I’ve improved a bit). And it was too crowded so I had kind of given up on trying to take decent photos that day I think haha. So that was the end of my Japan Trip in 2011! But don’t worry, I still have plenty of posts about Japan planned for the future, because I still have a few months worth of Japan posts from when I was living there. I’m also very eager to start writing about my trips to Korea because those were simply amazing! So much spicy food, so many friendly people, so much shopping, so much k-pop and even more gorgeous palaces, temples and beaches (can I get some hands up for Jeju?!). Man, I’m way too excited to share those stories, happy times. So I’ve been thinking about posting twice a week; once for my adventures here in Thailand and once for other travel posts of my previous trips and travel tips. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to split up my future posts, but at least I want to up the number of posts to two times a week! Let’s see how that goes 🙂


Asakusa incense


beautiful Asakusa


Asakusa door detail

Sacha BTH
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