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Thailand Photo Impressions ; Night Market and Thunder

This post is going to be a little bit different from normal. Instead of writing a story about a certain place I’ve been I just want to give you an impression by showing some photos. This is because I went to a night market called Rod Fai Train Market. At this night market I didn’t take many photos because I was just so absorbed by checking all the stalls out. You can buy almost anything! There were even small tattoo shops and old-timer cars. And the bars with live music were so cute and cosy. Anyway, that night I dedicated myself to enjoying myself and not thinking about taking photos for my blog or remembering interesting stories to tell. So like that I’d just like to give you an impression of what’s it like to hang out at a night market!


Rod Fai Market


night market


Train Market stalls


Train Market bar


Bangkok Live music


Train Market Cocktail


Rod Fai Market bar


And something else I’d like to show; a thunderstorm in Bangkok! Around October it’s rainy season in Bangkok, so there’s a lot of and even more thunder. I’ve experienced some serious thunderstorms here. One night there was a thunderstorm of almost an hour with constant lightning. This made it a good opportunity to try and take photos from my balcony overlooking the storm. I’d never taken photos of lightning before and I was just playing around with my camera settings. I took near hundred¬†photos with only about five not completely horrible¬†photos, but I’m still happy with it because it is quite damn hard to do it! Anyway, without further ado, here are the results:


Bangkok Lightning


Bangkok Thunder


Bangkok Thunder

Sacha BTH
Sacha BTH
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